Prevent your valuable Cryptocurrencies from CryptoShuffler Trojan

CryptoShuffler is a Trojan horse which was first detected in August 2016 with several updates has been released since then. This is a malicious program stealing cryptocurrencies from users across the globe by changing the cryptocurrencies wallet address. This malicious program is using a simple function like copy and paste to perform their tasks. It can target smartphones and computers and work silently in the background. It’s very difficult to detect the presence of CryptoShuffle as it does not make the system slow. Your cryptocurrency could be at high risk without a capable security system in place. CryptoShuffle works silently and try to hide under the schist.exe process over the affected device. It silently monitor the clipboard and keep tracking what content a victim copy and paste. It waits for the victim to copy Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and Dogecoin wallet address.

For new crypto investors cryptocurrency security is an intimidating concern. The value of Bitcoin has been significantly dropping which tempted many new investors. The investors must be aware to safeguard their digital coins, which require something more than just a strong and complex password. A cryptocurrency investors must consider data security on top priority. All investors may consider operational security and stronger protection like two factor authentication to safeguard their digital asset.

Attack s of CryptoShuffler Trojan

According to a report, the CryptoShuffler Trojan has stolen around $160,000 by silently embedded themselves on computers across the globe, but still users can save their digital money by adopting proactive wise security checks.

The Trojan quietly resides into your computer system and continuing operates malicious code without the knowledge of the user. The Trojan waits and for the event when users try to copy a cryptocurrency address where they wish to send their digital assets. As cryptocurrency addresses are very simple to recognize, the Trojan can able to recognize the address and change the address with its own wallet address. Wallet addresses are usually long strings of letters and numbers that look like a complex and complicated password. No user actually going to type this complex address manually instead they used to copy/paste it into their mining software, which invite the CryptoShuffler to perform their tasks.

The CryptoShuffler constantly monitoring the user’s clipboard and whenever it finds a string of text looks similar to cryptocurrency wallet, it replaces the address with their own address. If a user doesn’t paying attention to the wallet address, all of their money will be transferred directly into the hackers account. So, the immediate removal is important to protect your money and privacy. However an infected machine also invites other cyber threats to your system. The best tools for prevention of these malware are anti-malware program like TSG antivirus. This antivirus is recommended and tested by us.

Characteristics of CryptoShuffler

  • The Trojan generally infects a computer system through suspicious computer files and spam email messages. The emails are one of the most common mechanisms for deploying threats to the computer system. The spam email messages uses many different tricks in order to trap the victim and forced them to interact themselves with the malware elements and infects themselves. This has been done by the hackers by spreading files that cause the infection either by attaching them to the messages or directly by hyper linking them in the body contents.
  • The CryptoShuffler Trojan is very opportunistic virus constantly monitoring the users clipboard and whenever it finds a string of text looks similar to cryptocurrency wallet, it replace the address with their own address.
  • The CryptoShuffler takes the advantage of human error. As most of the users copy and paste the complex crypto address instead of manual typing due to its complexity and lengthy nature.
  • This Trojan can infect your system from infected USB and from other external drives or devices.

To prevent your machine from CryptoShuffler, you can consider TSG antivirus software. TSG antivirus is certainly one of the best antivirus software programs available in the market. It provides the additional security system amongst its counterparts as it incorporates the best of its innovation. TSG is equipped with improved featured antivirus and antispyware system shielding your PC from danger from CryptoShuffler Trojan. We at TSG recommend users to keep running the software all the times and perform a full system security scan at least once a week.

Protect yourself from CryptoShuffler

You must adopt strong antivirus protection mechanism along with practicing safe operational security environment toward protection of your valuable digital assets, also updating the operating system periodically along with other programs is effective against protection from cyber threats. Do not forget to implements these security tips which is equally valid for both mobile and computer devices.

Consider unique password for each of your platform to prevent hackers to intrude your system and further stealing it. An authentication application can be an effective measure for prevention. You also must practice safe and caution internet browsing to block this treats to infect your devices. Avoid downloading any files or programs from suspicious online stores or websites. Upon receiving unknown emails, make sure that you must not open suggested hyperlinks, websites, advertisements and attachments. Always be cautious about what you’re opening and clicking.

Although the most common way to protect yourself from CryptoShuffler is to carefully analyze the crypto address you have inputted after coping the address. The habit of carefully checking the cryptocurrency address against each digital transaction can keep your money safe from hackers. The developers of the Trojan understand the facts that users normally use copy and paste method without carefully checking the address for sending cryptocurrency. For this reasons, TSG antivirus notify users to take several special precautions. Further, users are advised to use an updated TSG antivirus system to detect and remove suspicious Trojan and viruses. The cryptocurrency world is growing day to day and the associated risks will also continue to grow, and the users of cryptocurrency must be aware to protect their hard earned money.

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