Why do you need to update your antivirus on a regular basis?

Why do you need to update your antivirus on a regular basis?

In the present scenario, men and machine go hand in hand. The routine of a man is directly or indirectly dependent on the computers. So, it is quite evident to have a good computer system such that any work is not hampered. If the security programs such as antivirus are not present, then it won’t be able to safeguard the computer system with malware and virus. It can create a lot of technical disabilities if a security program is not present. So, it is quite essential to update the antivirus on a regular basis such that you can have a fast and efficient running computer system.

What are the antivirus update procedures?
Different antivirus software may require different procedures. You must know all the features of the excellent antivirus system. Besides this, updating the antivirus software should be done in two ways. One of the ways through which you can update your antivirus software is through the internet connectivity while the other is through the manual update. In the case of an automatic update, the antivirus is updated on an automated
basis as soon as you connect your computer system with the internet. It will make you aware to update your antivirus security program that might be installed in your computer system. The other methods of antivirus updates are as mentioned below:-

Antivirus updates while using option
In almost all the antivirus, it will prompt you to update the antivirus software once the subscription is about to end. Antivirus software will tell you to update your security program by using the option that might be available in it. The following method of antivirus updating is used when the auto-update of the antivirus program is not being used.

Antivirus updates with the help of an authorized website
The antivirus software can also be updated by through the company website. For example, if you are using particular antivirus software, then visit the company website and look out for the download options. Further, download and install the updated version of the antivirus security software and then remove the previous version of the antivirus through the control panel.

If you are manually looking to update the antivirus, then here are the steps that you would need to follow:-

Step 1
Download the latest version of the antivirus and then save it on your computer system.

Step 2
Further, copy the setup that you might have downloaded and then paste it into the storage device such as USB.

Step 3
Insert into your computer system the USB drive that has the downloaded file present in it without using the internet connection.

Step 4
Run the setup of the antivirus and then navigate to the update option and then to the manual update.

Step 5
Click on “ open” once the navigation is finished up.

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