Do I need to install antivirus for windows 10?

Do I need to install antivirus for windows 10?

If you have just upgraded to windows 10 or if you are thinking about it, then you must be having a question in your mind such as “Would you need to install antivirus for windows 10”.

Well, the matter of fact is that Windows ten already have a built-in antivirus installed in it in the form of Windows 10, but it may not be sufficient.

The windows defender in windows 10 lacks the effectiveness, and thus it falls behind any other antivirus regarding usability, protection, and performance. Also, the consumer-friendly features are also deprived in the defender.

How does defender fall behind any other antivirus software?

By, the recent survey, it has been known that offers a protection rating of 99.5 % and falls behind seven antivirus software. In another study, it was known that the defender is only 97 % effective regarding zero-day malware.

The defender can slow down the programs in your computer system. If you own a business, then it can affect you too as it would slow down the productivity of the employees. So, using a good antivirus becomes a necessity.

Moreover, there can be a lot of usability problems if you are using Defender. In comparison to that, if you are using good antivirus software, then there won’t be a usability problem as it would scan all the files and software that might be present in your system and perhaps take proper action for the same.

If you are looking for good antivirus software, then make sure that it has an excellent protection rating. Make sure that the antivirus efficiently eliminates as well as detects malware threats. Moreover, also check that your antivirus software is aware of the future trends of the malware attacks as well as how to cope up with it.

Having pre-installed antivirus software could be very convenient regarding usability perspective, but at the same time, it can be quite vulnerable to attacks.

So, to protect yourself, your devices as well as your family, you would need to have the best antivirus protection such as TSG antivirus.  While some still prefer Defender, but the fact is you would have to use an antivirus at the same point in time. So, preferably you would be needed antivirus for windows 10. So, don’t hold back and get in touch with us for any queries that you might be having.


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